Birding Sites In Baffin Bay
Season: Winter, Migration

Drum Point – look for herons, egrets (Reddish), pelicans, waterfowl (including Bufflehead and Lesser Scaup), and shorebirds. Wilson’s Plover and Least Tern nest here in summer. In migration (April, September) millions of swallows and martins stream along the bluff.

Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park – for herons, egrets, and shorebirds (Wilson’s Plover nest commonly here, Semipalmated, Snowy, and Piping occur in winter, and species such as Stilt, Pectoral, and White-rumped sandpipers may appear in spring). The ponds inside the park may contain flocks of waterfowl (Greater Scaup, Black Scoter, and Surf Scoter have appeared in the past), and look in the brushy areas around the park for Common Ground-Dove, Green Jay, and Olive Sparrow.

Riviera Fishing Pier – for grebes, pelicans, and waterfowl. Residents in Riviera Beach often lure Green Jays to feeders, and look for Groove-billed Ani in the thick brush along the road.